After performing your updates, clicking "Apply" and then “Sync Updates”, you should notice the "Saving to Vela" pop-up. This indicates that the updates are being saved in Vela and once the percentage reaches 100%, the pop-up will go away and the "Sync Countdown Indicator" will appear near the bottom left hand corner of your screen. 

It will initially read, “Syncing…” and then once the process begins display the number of updates being synced (e.g. “Syncing 100 updates”). The number will continue to decrease as updates sync, until all updates have been sent to Etsy.

Two very important things to note are that the updates do not process all at once, but in batches. Even more important is to remember the following transmission flow.

Vela > Etsy Listing Manager >

By this we mean that Vela sends updates to Etsy's Listing Manager and then at that point Etsy's internal processes control the publication to 

We are continuously working to improve the speed in which updates are sent from Vela to Etsy's Listing Manager, however, the time it takes for the updates to be reflected on is entirely determined by Etsy and will vary depending on factors including, site traffic, number of updates, etc....

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