1. Click "Sign up" on the Homepage

If signing up through an app store, start on Step 2

2. Enter the information required to create a new account

At this point Vela is free and at no point will you be asked to provide a credit card or other payment information.

3. Click "Connect Shopify" or "Connect Etsy"

After selecting either Shopify or Etsy, you will be redirected to that channels Terms & Conditions page.

A shop can only be connected to one Vela account, but you can connect as many shops to the same account as you like. However, you must connect one shop at a time. After connecting your first shop you'll be able to connect additional shops from within the app.

4. Consent to the channel's Terms & Conditions required to connect with Vela

After this you will be redirected back to Vela and your shop will begin to import.

5. Allow your shop to complete importing into Vela

The time it takes for the shop to import will depend on the number of products in your shop, but you'll see the status as the import progresses and this step will only be required the first time you connect a new shop.

Shops will typically complete importing in a matter of seconds/minutes, but if you have a larger shop that requires more time you can work on other things or even just close the page and check back.

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