How do I apply a Variations Profile?

  1. Click the "Choose Profile" dropdown and select the Variations Profile that you'd like to apply. Note: Once applied and synced the Variations Profile will replace the current variations for the select listings.

  2. Click "Apply".

  3. Click "Sync updates".

For more information on Variations Profile, including how to create, copy, and edit profiles, view the Variations Profiles article.

How do I update variations?

  1. [Etsy only] Click the "Choose Category" dropdown and select your category(s). Category(s) must be selected before setting variations as the category(s) chosen will impact the variations/options presented.

  2. [Etsy] Click the "Choose Variation type" dropdown and select the variation type you'd like to use. Or enter a custom variation type by entering it into the text field at the bottom of the dropdown and clicking "Add". [Shopify] Click into the "Add Variant" text field, enter the variant name you'd like to use and click "Add".

  3. [Etsy] If you selected a "Variation type" (e.g. Primary Color) that includes pre-set options, click the "Add option" field and select from those contained in the dropdown, or enter customer options directly into the field and click "Add". [Shopify] Click into the "Add option" field, enter the options you'd like to use and click "Add".

  4. [Optional] Repeat Steps #2 and #3 if you'd like to add additional variations.

  5. [Optional] If you'd like to set individual prices, quantity, SKUs, visibility [Etsy only], and/or barcodes [Shopify only], click the respective sections (located to the right of "Variations") and enter the required figures.

  6. Click "Apply".

  7. Click "Sync updates".

Note: Variations can be updated for individual listings by adding/deleting/editing any component of a listing's variations directly.

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