How do I select listings to edit?

Once you connect a new shop for the first time or sign into your Vela account you'll arrive at the main listings page, which is where you'll select the listings that you'd like to edit.

  1. Select All - Clicking the "Select All" checkbox will select all listings across all pages, excluding those that have been filtered out via the sidebar filters and/or tile search. You can also select/deselect individual listings by clicking on that listing's checkbox.

  2. Filters - Sidebar filters allow you to identify specific listings by a number of different attributes.

  3. Title Search - Listings can be identified and filtered by title.

  4. Paging - 25 listings are displayed per page, but you can click next and/or another page number to view more.

  5. Edit listings - Once you've selected the listings you wish to edit, click the "Edit listings" button, which will bring you to the bulk editing page.

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