What is the Photo Editor and what benefits does it provide?

No matter what you sell the first thing prospective customers notice are your photos, so making them look great will have a huge impact on your sales. That said, we created a robust photo editor with a number of features built specifically to help sellers make their photos look great! We have even more to come, are already seeing numerous examples in which even seemingly small updates, like adding a nice background or a banner to help promote a sale can have a major impact!

Note: The Photo Editor can be accessed in multiple places within the platform, by simply hovering over a photo and clicking the pencil icon.

How do I Isolate photos?

  1. Click "Remove background". This will automatically identify the primary object in the photo and remove the background.

  2. [Optional] The automated isolation logic is nearly always perfect, but certain photos can be tricky, so if you any portion of the object was removed that shouldn't be or was not that should be, just manually Erase and/or Restore as needed using those respective controls.

  3. Add a color or image background. To add a color, simply pick from the preset options or enter the HEX code to add whatever specific color you'd like. To add an image background, either select a preset, enter whatever type of image you'd like in our integrated photo library, or even upload your own.

  4. Click "Save".

How do I Promote photos?

  1. Select the type of banner that you'd like to add from the preset options or upload your own. Note: Uploading your own can also be used for placing a watermark, logos, or anything else that you'd like to have placed over a photo.

  2. Select the banner's text from the dropdown. We included some common options (e.g. Sale, Free Shipping), but you can also type whatever you'd like in the text field at the bottom of the dropdown.

  3. Choose a font from the dropdown.

  4. Click the paint icon to select the banner's color

  5. Click the font icon to select the text color

  6. Resize and move the banner to be positioned however you'd like.

  7. Click "Save".

How do I Enhance photos?

  1. Select the preset filter that you'd like to use from the sidebar.

  2. Click "Save".

How do I Refine photos?

  1. Click and drag any of the refine controls you'd like to adjust the photo's original color settings.

  2. Click "Save".

How do I Crop photos?

  1. Select the crop ratio you'd like to use from the sidebar.

  2. Resize and move the crop area to be positioned as desired.

  3. Click "Save".

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